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There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. - Jane Austen

hen buying a home, an experienced agent can make all the difference. Tom has completed specialized training to earn the Accredited Buyer's Representative designation.The buying process can be daunting, but with experienced agents guiding you thru all the steps, it can be a far more enjoyable experience. Here are some of the services we provide our buyer clients:

1.Help you get pre-approved through a reputable lender to determine your price range, and establish your desired comfort ​zone.

2.Create a prioritized wish-list of features/amenities you’d like to have in your new home or condo.

3.Automated e-mails with listings from us based on your criteria. We also create your own website where you can
keep track of your favorites, mark homes you'd like to see, and remove ones that don't appeal to you.

4.Schedule home tours based on your desired 'move' date. Remember, your first loan payment will be due on the
1st of the 2nd month following closing, so you have a "month off" per se. For example, closing in November makes
​your first payment due in January. This can allow you to buy sooner than you thought.

5.Once you find a property you’d like to purchase, we’ll help you write an offer. To help you in your decision process,
​we provide you sales comparables for the area so you can make an informed decision on the price you want to ​offer.

6.Once in-contract, assist you in hiring qualified inspector(s) and advise on any re-negotiating needed based on inspection findings.

7.  Last but not least, we schedule and attend the closing, and make sure the closing statement reflects on terms of the contract​​

Thinking about visiting a new build model?

​Let our experience find you a reputable builder in a location that suits you and your lifestyle.  We'll also advise you on options that will provide the best resale.

Keep in mind, the person at the model home works for the builder and not for you! Having us represent you when building a new home costs you nothing and will not affect the price of your home.

Call us before you head out to those models or let the representative know on your initial visit you will be working with Tom & Diane Miller

commonly asked questions:

Do I have to pay a Realtor?  The Realtor’s commission is paid out of the Seller’s proceeds when the home is sold. 

​How does my credit score effect my purchase power? A credit score is a number that represents a person’s credit worthiness. A buyer’s payment history comprises the biggest part of their credit score – 35%.  As a rule, lenders are looking for FICO scores over 650 and those with scores of 760 and above usually get better interest rates. Just one 30-day late payment can throw a score off by as much as 50 points. 

Do credit Inquiries hurt my credit score? Hard versus Soft Credit Inquiries – Consumers are entitled to a free copy of their credit report once a year, available thru sites like CreditKeeper.com or IdentityGuard.com. When a consumer asks about their own credit score, it’s considered a “soft inquiry”, which doesn't impact their FICO score.  Credit card, insurance companies, banks, and others can also make soft inquiries, in order to identify consumers for marketing purposes.  In contrast, “hard inquiries” for a consumer’s credit history are made if you apply for a loan, a mortgage, or open a new credit card. Depending on other factors, too many hard inquiries could have a negative impact on a consumer’s FICO scores. If you want to prevent companies from accessing information about you thru credit bureaus, then soliciting you with preapproved credit or insurance offers, go to OptOutPrescreen.com

How do I want the home titled? Something to think about if you're going to purchase...you might want to have set up the initial title to include “right of survivorship/ transfer on death” language, or you should have a will in place designating the distribution of real estate owned. “Non-probate” property (e.g. property held joint with right of survivorship, transfer on death property) passes directly to the named beneficiary upon the decedent’s death outside of the probate estate.  If you don’t have either of the above, the property must go thru probate, which is the court procedure that must be followed in order to distribute any “probate” property the decedent owned at death. Thru probate, the property must be distributed under Ohio intestacy law. With certain exceptions, designated beneficiaries under Ohio intestacy law cannot receive land or personal property until the probate court approves its transfer.  If you want to add someone to the title of your property, the title company where you initially closed can help you with this request.  There is a nominal fee as well as a fee for recording the new deed.