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Setting the right price can be the difference between selling your house quickly or it sitting on the market.  Click here to read up on PRICING  MYTHS. We'll provide a comprehensive analysis of the market to help determine the correct listing price.  

Since your bottom line is one of the most important parts of selling, we outline all the costs involved with selling.  This supplies you with the knowledge of what you can expect your bottom line to be with different pricing strategies.

During your listing, useful updates will be provided on your neighborhood and market changes that affect your home and the pricing strategy.

Once your home is listed, showings can be confirmed by simply responding to a text.

Specific feedback from showing agents on how your home showed overall and what their buyer's are thinking.

Once you're in contract, prepare for the home inspection.  Once the inspection is complete, should any repairs be requested, we'll help you outline the costs involved with the repairs and get you set-up with professionals to do the job right.

Make sure your title work is in order and there are no outstanding liens, assessments, etc to 'cloud' your title that may need to be cleared up prior to closing.

Get you to the closing table.  We attend every closing and explain any questions that may arise as you sign the closing papers.

We continue to stay in touch after you sell.  If any questions come up in the future, we are only a phone call or email away.  We have many clients that decide to build their next home or move to the other side of town.  We can help you with any of it.


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