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  • Scrub pet stains on carpet and rugs until totally gone or replace them if necessary. 
  • For showings, place blankets, toys and food bowls out of sight.
  • If you can, repair or remove any furniture that’s been scratched or gnawed on.
  • Clean the yard to remove "pet presents".
  • Keep cat boxes immaculate and hidden away (if possible).
  • Before you leave for a showing, do a final check for any pet hair tumbleweeds on the floor and remove.

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​​​​Staging Tips Buyers Fall in Love With

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  • Remove fridge magnets, pictures and calendars.  Clean the door and handles. Don't forget to clean inside the fridge & freezer -food crumbs tend to accumulate on the bottom shelf.
  • Clean inside the oven.
  • Change out cabinet hardware for a quick update.
  • Leave only the basic necessities on countertops so they seem spacious with plenty of room to cook.
  • Scrub dirt, food splashes, and stains from cabinets and backsplashes.
  • Wipe down blinds to remove any accumulated grease and dirt.
  • Clean cabinet interiors.  If cabinets are full, remove items to make them seem more spacious.
  • Clean and organize the pantry leaving some empty space to make it look bigger. Utilize baskets to display items.
  • Empty trash can and move out of sight.
  • Neutralize the walls. If any rooms are painted in dark colors, repaint white or beige. (for color guidance, see article below)
  • Paint adjacent rooms the same color to make the whole space feel larger.
  • Clean all switch plate covers. Anything a buyer may touch during their showing you want to make
    sure it's clean.
  • Wash the windows, inside and out. Repair any holes or tears in screens.
  • Replace or remove family portraints so buyers can visualize themselves within your home and
    not get caught up in looking at yours.
  • If lighting is dim in some areas of your home, replace the bulbs with a higher wattage bulb.
  • ​Declutter! Consider pre-packing for your move. Box up books, extra clothes, and personal items. 
    ​You can store them in plastic bins and place (neatly) in the garage or basement.
  • Make sure buyers can see your house numbers from the road. If yours are old or need painted, plan to replace.
  • Touch up any peeling paint or weathered stain on decks.
  • Add a new doormat to welcome home buyers.
  • Make sure the locks and doorbell function. Clean them all to remove any dirt. (learn how to replace broken ones from FIX IT Home Improvement Channel) . 
  • Make sure your mailbox is freshly painted and is standing straight.
  • Trim back trees and shrubs from the approach to the front door.
  • Store yard equipment and children’s toys out of sight.
  • Make sure entryway lights function and are free of cobwebs and insects.
  • Hide trash cans, recycle bins, and garden hoses.
  • Stage your patio or deck with furniture, bright pillows to welcome buyers to the outdoor space as well.
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  • Clean, clean, clean....everything.  Under vanities, behind toilets, make glass shower doors free of water marks.  
  • Remove toiletries from the countertop, tub and top of toilet. Get a basket and plan to store any shower items in the morning before you head out in case you get a last minute showing.  Store the basket under the vanity.
  • Put out big, fluffy towels, candles and fancy soap dispensers to create a spa-like experience.
  • Remove as much as you can underneath the vanity to show extra space.
  • Replace your shower curtain if you can't get it squeaky clean.
  • Fix leaky or running toilets and replace discolored toilet seats.
  • Remove hard water stains on faucets and shower heads.
  • Tuck away trashcans.  If you don't have room, make sure they have a liner and are empty for showings.
  • If you have a linen closet, remove anything that is worn or takes up room.  Refold everything and color coordinate.  You want to give the appearance that there is ample room in the closet.

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