Tips For a Perfect Showing

  1. Turn on all lights.
  2. Create a spacious feeling at least while showing the house. All doors to rooms should be open all the way.
  3. Open all drapes and window blinds (the lighter a room looks, the larger a room looks).
  4. Put pets, if any, in cages or in the yard, take them to the neighbors, or take them for a walk.
  5. Burn a vanilla candle, or spray room deodorizer, bake cookies, cake, etc.
  6. Have soft music playing at a moderate volume.
  7. If it is cold outside, have a fire in the fireplace.
  8. Clear sidewalk and driveway of snow. (Winter). 
  9. Be sure to replace any burned-out light bulbs.  Have matching bulb types & wattage in fixtures.
  10. Keep the lawn and all landscaping neatly manicured.
  11. Clean and remove all ashtrays.
  12. Keep dirty dishes in the dishwasher.
  13. Keep dirty laundry in the hamper.
  14. Put down all toilet seats.
  15. Empty all trashcans that are not under a vanity or kitchen cabinet.
  16. Clear counter tops.
  17. Accent away from defects.
  18. Keep carpets swept, cobwebs removed, windows washed, etc.
  19. Set the dining room table. Make it emotional (homey) and set it for the time of day, if possible.
  20. Sweep off steps leading to the basement.  Don't leave miscellaneous items on them where buyers might trip.
  21. Make yourself scarce! Buyers are more likely to spend time in your home when they feel comfortable.

Once we get Buyers in the house, we want to keep them there or at least give them something to distinguish your home from all the rest. It is important that the home be swept, windows washed, cobwebs removed etc. Try to see your home as you would if you were the Buyer and remember it is difficult for a Buyer to really get a feel for the home if the Seller is there listening to every word being said.



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